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Blessed Are the Peacemakers
Six-lesson Bible study on biblical peacemaking, includes an "Announcing God's Grace" pamphlet (Ambassadors of Reconciliation, 2005).

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Responding to Sexual Temptation in a High Tech Society

Six-lesson Bible study complete with Leader's Notes and "Announcing God's Grace" pamphlet (Ambassadors of Reconciliation, 2008)  To view a trailer regarding this study, insert this link in your browser:

Price: US$9.00

Peacemaking Principles Pamphlet
Tri-fold pamphlet summarizes the basics of Biblical peacemaking. Comes in packs of 10.

Price: US$4.50

Announcing God's Grace
These pamphlets on confession and forgiveness come in packs of 10.

Price: US$6.00

Your donation will help others to cultivate a lifestyle of reconciliation.

Price: US$25.00


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Welcome to the Ambassadors of Reconciliation Online Store

Welcome to the Ambassadors of Reconciliation Shopping Cart. We encourage you to look around and find the resources you need. If you need further assistance, feel free to contact us at God's blessings to you as you serve Him as an ambassador of reconciliation.


by Edward T. Welch (P&R Publications, 1997). Find hope in the power of the Gospel to overcome addictions

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Announcing God's Grace

These pamphlets on confession and forgiveness come in packs of 10.

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AoR Bookmarks-Set 1

(Ambassadors of Reconciliation, 2010)  Set of 4 bookmarks designed to help you use Scriptural references when dealing with these topics; Bitterness, Careless Talk, Anger, Forgiveness

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Forgiven to Forgive

(Ambassadors of Reconciliation, 2010)  Forgiven to Forgive booklet features six weeks of daily devotions on reconciliation.  Each includes a Bible reading, brief meditation, and short prayer.  Also available in multiples of 10 or 100.  Now available for download at:


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I'm the Greatest

Even on the night of the Last Supper, the disciples are arguing again about which one of them is the greatest. Jesus washes their feet as he confronts their pride with his own example of humility. This skit teaches how to confront sinful pride as well as demonstrates the servant attitude of our Lord, who not only came to serve the disciples of his day, but also came to serve us. It requires seven actors including a narrator and takes about four minutes.If you decide to order this skit, it will be sent to you by email as an attachment.

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Quick Scripture Reference Guide

Edited by John G. Kruis (Baker Books, 3rd ed. 2000).

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