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This page provides information on training available from our staff about cultivating lifestyles of reconciliation. Click on colored words to learn more about that particular resource or training.

Be sure to also visit our page entitled “Teaching Others” to learn more about resources available for self-learning and teaching others.

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Our experienced professionals offer seminars and customized training for members and leaders of churches, schools, synods, boards, and more. All training in reconciliation is designed for reconciling relationships and resolving material issues based on teaching from the Scriptures.

Seminars designed for all members and leaders in your church, school or organization:

  • Go and Be Reconciled: What Does This Mean? Seminar - a full-day Bible study seminar on personal peacemaking that reflects on the biblical teaching for reconciliation while reviewing the six chief parts of Christian doctrine from Luther's Small Catechism. The study answers "What does this mean?" through two parts: "Be Reconciled to God" and "Be Reconciled to Others."
  • Conflict Resolution vs. Reconciliation Seminar - a full-day Bible study seminar on personal peacemaking. Conflict Resolution vs. Reconciliation is a similar seminar to Go and Be Reconciled: What Does This Mean? also presented by Ambassadors of Reconciliation. Whereas the latter reviews the six chief parts of Luther’s Small Catechism, this study considers similar biblical teachings using Scripture alone. The study answers "What does this mean?" through two parts: "Be Reconciled to God" and "Be Reconciled to Others."
  • Blessed Are the Peacemakers Seminar – a full-day Bible study seminar on personal peacemaking; covers basic teaching for daily applying biblical peacemaking in all our vocations.
  • Getting to the Heart of Conflict Workshop – a half-day Bible study workshop addressing the idols that underlie conflict; includes practical application through self-examination, confession and absolution.
  • Responding to Sexual Temptation in a High Tech Society Seminar – a full-day Bible study seminar addressing the idolatry of Internet pornography and cybersex, with a balance of Law and Gospel, behavior modification, and Christian accountability; includes practical application with confession and absolution.

Practicums - Skill Developing Workshops

Practicums are skill developing workshops for equipping leaders and reconcilers to work in reconciliation ministries (congregational, school, university/seminary, district, and synodical):

  • Coaching People through Conflict Practicum – two-day practicum on coaching others through conflict.
  • Mediating People through Conflict Practicum – two-day practicum on mediating disputes for parties.
  • Church Reconciler Training Practicum – six-day practicum equipping people for personal peacemaking, coaching, mediating, teaching others, and administering a reconciliation ministry for their organization. This course incorporates most of the training from our other practicums and seminars plus more!
  • Reconciling Husbands and Wives Practicum  - two-day practicum on guiding husbands and wives to reconcile. This course includes fundamental elements of both conflict coaching and mediation.
  • Teaching a Reconciliation Seminar Practicum - a two and one half day practicum to sharpen your presentation skills for teaching others about personal reconciliation.
  • Advanced Coaching and Mediation Practicum - Sharpen and expand your coaching and mediation skills while learning how to handle challenging cases. You'll learn about difficult situations ranging from criminal cases to sexual misconduct in the church.
  • Group Reconciliation Assistance Practicum - a three day intensive practicum preparing you to be part of a team to assist a group (church, school or other Christian organization) for reconciliation among the group. (Coming Soon - June 2018)
  • Leading a Group Reconciliation Assistance Team Practicum - a one day practicum preparing you to be a team leader for a GRA team. (Coming Soon - June 2018)

Leadership Training

Leadership Training for congregations, education institutions, boards, districts, synods:

  • Lay Leadership Training - one-day seminar to inspire and equip lay leaders and professional church workers.
  • Policy Based Governance for Lutheran Congregations - one day seminar for church leaders contemplating or preparing to make a change governance models.

Because of our extensive experience working with leaders, we have developed training to equip leaders for being more effective and productive in their work. Leaders learn to avoid destructive conflict and reconcile relationships while solving problems.

See Customized Leadership Training for equipping board members, pastors, elders and other lay leaders, teachers, administrators, circuit counselors, district and synodical presidents, and more.

Reconciliation Ministry Pastorate

Ambassadors of Reconciliation offers a unique ministry to assist congregations that lose a church worker because of conflict. Congregations that have such a loss due may need specialized help in reconciliation before they call a new worker. The specially trained Reconciliation Pastor serves as the full-time replacement for that called worker as he guides the congregation through a defined reconciliation process. See the following links for a full description of the ministry and training course and the pre-requisites required for the training course.

Summary of Ministry and Training Course (.pdf file)

Pre-Requisites Required (.pdf file)

RMP Training January 2012 (.pdf file)

Scheduled Events

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Costs for Training

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