Listed below are articles about aspects of our mission of reconciliation. They are presented in downloadable .pdf format.

Conflict an Opportunity? I Hate Conflict! by Ted Kober

How We Treat Each Other in the Church by Ted Kober

An Environment of Forgiveness by Jennifer Boll

Sexting: A Dangerous New Temptation… by Ted Kober

Moving from the "Holy Howdy" to the "Kiss of Peace" by Ted Kober & Eric Sahlberg

Policy-Based Board Governance by Ted Kober

Don't Confuse Conflict Resolution, Reconciliation by Ted Kober

Video link for Feb 2010 Church Governance: Reconciling Conflict, Ted Kober and Dr. Richard Marrs, Concordia Journal (Handout is under podcast #25 and the video is under podcast #27)

Confession and Forgiveness: not just for Sunday morning by Ted Kober

Essays from the 64th Regular Convention of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod
Essay #1: One People Forgiven Through Christ
Essay #2: One People Forgiven Through Christ to Forgive
Essay #3: One People Forgiven Through Christ to Forgive In the Family
Essay #4: One People Forgiven Through Christ to Forgive In the Church
Essay #5: The Kiss of Peace


Free Articles for Bulletins & Newsletters

These flyers are designed to be used as bulletin inserts or newsletter inserts. For example, they could be used for fifth Sunday-of-the-month reminders of your congregational Reconciliation Ministry. They may also be utilized as an opportunity for people to give an offering to Ambassadors of Reconciliation. You can draw attention to your local Ministry of Reconciliation and teach your congregation how to deal with daily conflict in their lives. You have permission for copying and distributing, see the note on the bottom of the inserts. The files are in Word document format so you can add a message about the ministry in your congregation (see the blank area). If you have more ideas on how to use these inserts, let us know. We’d love to hear them.

5th Sunday Flyer 1

5th Sunday Flyer 2